The Archangel Project – CS Graham

So I am back to pop fiction with CS Graham’s ‘The Archangel Project’.

It is a fast paced book. The protagonists are October Guinness and Jax Alexander, and I believe there are other books with them in it too. This looks like the first one though. So we have a girl with a psycho discharge from the Navy, after a tour to Iraq. She is a remote viewer, i.e. has precognition or paranormal ability or what have you. She is working with Dr. Henry Youngblood, and he’s murdered after submitting one of her sessions for funding to a corporation. Now Guinness is on the run.

Then there’s the setting up of several Iranians, to be portrayed as terrorists after an imminent bomb blast by a shadowy corporation. The Government seems to be involved too. In it comes Jax Alexander, a CIA loose cannon assigned to the laughable ‘remote viewing’ case as a tool to kick him out of the Company. However, Guinness and Jax piece together the puzzle and are just in time to prevent the Vice President and a group of veterans blown to pieces and to prevent an all out calculated attack on Iran.

It was all for profit, of course. The President and the Intelligence Chief were in on it, but foiled by our heroes. Guinness is assigned to CIA’s thirteen division, so we are gonna see more action from her and Jax.

Great literature? No. Fun read? Yes. Go for it if you lay your hands on it and have an afternoon off.

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