DIY – garden chair

In 2004, I bought a folding chair. That was the only piece of furniture you could sit on other than the bed in my single room studio-ish place. It survived through multiple moves; the cushion was torn, the paint faded, but I still kept it. Now that I have a balcony I can actually sit in, the plan was to “one day” fix it up and use it for reading/sunning next to my plants.

I got around to it this week. Picked the chair apart and then borrowed a drilling machine, bought a few wire brushes for it and got around to stripping the old paint. Didn’t do a good job of it though. It is so freaking difficult. My first try of the yellow paint didn’t stick. So got rid of that too. Then I ordered a black spray paint from amazon and shelved the project for a day. I gave a wash to the cushion and hardboard seating and back rest in the meanwhile and dried them in the sun. Transformed the smaller balcony into a painting zone using a tarpaulin. Then I used black spray paint to coat the metal. Used a red rexine cover for the cushions and some glue did the trick.

This is the final product and am pretty impressed by myself!

I did use a mask and goggles when I started. Lost them on the way.
VLSI design is useful
The cushions
In the balcony

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