March 27th, 2015

This is a man’s world.

I am an individualist. And by extension I am a feminist. That wouldn’t be the first thing I call myself, because I value the individual be it man or woman or straight or gay more than any predefined box. I do not want equality for woman. I want every person to have the freedom to be what he/she wants to be. I do not ever want gender to be a factor.Yet, I am partial to women on a personal level, as in spite of my ideology I also have a sense of belonging to the Group, however unreasonable that maybe.

Yet, this is a man’s world. I am painfully aware of it every day. And somehow many the man in this world doesn’t seem to be the upright individuals I would want them to be. A woman, defined in this world by her gender alone, is forever in a state of bondage. There are the bondages of duty, societal norms and of love. But it is also shaped by fear, and that seems to be a bigger factor than any other. If I had a daughter, I will be chaining her down due to fear. I, who does not care much about society would still be cutting her wings because of the sheer fear for her safety. We see the bigotry every day. If young women walk down the road, there are wolf whistles, and harassment. Maybe not all the time, maybe just once in a lifetime, but the chance of it being there makes many a woman wary of going for a stroll if she feels like it. Women in a strange environment tries to be invisible. Women drivers are harassed on the roads because she is a woman. It is not just those uneducated security guards or drivers. We all saw the Police Inspector kicking his daughter because well, she is his property. Physical violence, and the threat of physical violence, is a great hindrance to a woman’s sense of freedom. It may not always be a direct threat, but passive aggressive behaviour, and you do not want to provoke!When it is you who are being provoked. I wonder when the women decide the provocation is sufficient enough to hit back. This land is lawless when it comes to women’s safety, and only a revolution of sorts can bring it around. There may be laws, but as long as the law keepers share the same thoughts as the culprits, and when everything is chalta hai and boys will be boys and women should know their place, women will forever be prisoners.

But for the time being this unfortunately is the bad man’s world.