January 29th, 2013

Read the new novel from JK Rowling. I am an ardent Harry Potter fan, and was looking forward to reading this as well. It is a good read, and there are a bunch of teenagers here as well. In the beginning I felt the sexual bits were a little out of place. Like she was trying to make sure that this was an adult novel. Yet, once you get over that shock of something very like a Harry Potter book talking of sex in no minced words, it is OK. Not exactly needed all the time, yet OK. There is a plot, and there is jealousy, love, hatred, redemption. The person who stays with you even after the end is Krystal, the girl without a chance. You also kind of feel bad for Andrew Price, but then he is gonna get out of that pretty soon. After all he is almost an adult, isn’t he? Poor little Paul is the one we should be worrying about. I also liked that Rowling got the Sikh names and religion correct. Must be because she is part of a multi-ethnic Britain. In most US pop novels, I see names like Ramlal Khan. All in all, enjoyed the book.

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