October 23rd, 2014

‘She had borne so long the cruelty of belonging to him and not being claimed by him.’

I think this is the third time I am reading Sons and Lovers. First time was when I was a wee girl, and the book was cruel. It still is, but it is difficult to put it down nonetheless. The oedipal overtones of the relationships between Gertrude Morel and her sons, the blatant partiality, the helplessness of Paul, the all around obsessions. Makes me still want to kick them all in their behinds. As a young woman, I liked Miriam; and Clara was ambiguous. The older me reads into the book differently. Yet it is as intriguing as the first time. What do we know about human minds after all! And every now and then, a writer gives a glint into it something we already knew.