April 22nd, 2013

Read Asura: Tale of the vanquished. This is a retelling of Ramayana, minus the supernatural. Asuras in this novel are the aboriginal tribes of ancient India, and Devas are the inaders. Sita is Ravana’s daughter and the whole drama of kidnapping is about protecting her from her barbaric husband while in the forest.

It is a good read. There are no good or deep characters, and Ravana does not come out as courageous or anything, which is a shame. Bhadra’s narratives are also very good. I am no fan of Rama, and he is rather a spineless puppet in the hands of the priests. The introduction of Rama in the swayamvar gave hope of a better character, but it didn’t come through. Nice read, if you enjoy mythology. The only complaint I have is the horrible editing of the book.