January 1st, 2013

I read another Artemis Fowl book. Now no teenager is gonna be able to talk me down on world literature I guess. This is the book where Artemis first meets No 1, the warlock.

Artemis and Butler are looking for ‘appearances’, apparently of a fairy group called demons. They were lifted in limbo, after the fairy-human war, but every now and then, someone comes calling. Only, this time another juvenile genius has captured the new demon before Artemis. It’s Minerva Paradizo, the young scientist vying for a Nobel. No 1 is not a fullfledged demon though. He is an imp, and imps have to go through a process called ‘warping’ to be a demon. Which No1 won’t because he happens to be a demon warlock! It’s all quite interesting really. There is Holly and Mulch Diggums, who are now partners, because Holly is now a bounty hunter instead of Captain Short. Even though she gets her rank back after the first few pages. Artemis is finding girls attractive as well, and he travels half the world to rescue Minerva when she ends up a damsel in distress.

As usual, Artemis saves the People and steals a little bit of magic in the process, and stays 14 when the world around him has aged 3 more years. Also, this is were his twins are first mentioned.